• Melt Flow Index Testers

    The Benz Melt Flow Index measures the rate of extrusion of molten resins, through a die of specified length and diameter, under prescribed conditions of temperature, load, and piston position in the barrel, as the timed measurement is being made.

    • Melt Flow Index, per ASTM D-1238, measures flow rates of thermoplastics by extrusion plastometer.
    • P.I.D. temperature controller, RTD temperature probe and cast heater insure rapid heatup and stable constant temperature to the test sample.
    • Digital display of setpoint and actual temperature quickly provide correct temperature information.
    • Thermo isolators separate electronic components from heat, providing more consistent test results and less potential for system failure.
    • Metal surfaces are stainless steel or hardcoat aluminum, anodized for durability and ease of cleaning.
    • Built in timer to automatically time test for more accurate results.
    • The unit can be configured for manual operation, per procedure A, or for automatic operation, per procedure B.
    • Optional equipment includes weight application, automatic cutoff, computer system, and different piston cylinder material.